[ReactFilePondUpload] Problem in IE11

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Published on 27 May (9 days ago) by Stuart Harris
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Published on 27 May (9 days ago) by Stuart Harris

Hi Stuart Harris

When I'm trying to use this app in IE11 I get a following error during loading:

I'd appreciate any help with this,

Kind Regards


Hi Jan,

Unfortunately, I was not able to get React web apps and OutSystems UI working on IE 11, so the ReactFilePondUpload component does not support IE11.  The actual component itself will support IE11 (see the Traditional web version FilePondUpload), but not currently in react web apps.

I know Outsystems UI says it supports IE11, however the web site does not appear to.

Apologies, I expect this wasn't the answer you were hoping for.

Kind regards,


Ok, thanks for a quick reply!

Kind Regards,