[File Plugin] tutorial how to get create and delete in internal and external storage
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Published on 16 Oct 2018

hi,,, im deddy and i really new using outsystems for mobile development tools, i want to create or delete file in internal or external android storage. could give me an simple tutorial how to do that ?


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HI Deddy,

Its very simple as extension given method to do it please see below.

1.Create Directory
2.Create File
3.Delete File 

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i want to ask create directory first  

1. what action do you use on  RequestDirectoryFromFileSystem   ?

2.  can you show me detail of createDirectories action especially in path and storagetypeId column ? 

3. what which storage do you create, is external or internal storage ?

 i still confuse on createDirectory what path i should use if i want to create it in external / internal. thanks


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I tried on Android using OutSystems Now

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how i can get the detail of this path in my message ?

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in my mobile android apps message was display folder path 

but when i check in my android device, there is no folder such Download > eRecruitment 

my create directory :

how do i know where exactly the folder has created ?