[ReactFilePondUpload] How we can auto proceed the valid list upload file after we delete the invalid upload
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Hi Stuart Harris, I have some suggestion relate to the validation behavior. I'm not sure this is the good UI/UX or not. I just raise it here to discuss to see what is the good behavior. I have one particular case like this. When user upload their file that includes the valid and invalid file as the same image bellow:  

And then we have the list upoad below as the same here: 

The list will show whole the valid record after upload successful. But the issue now it just only show if there is no invalid upload item. If there is an invalid item it will stop trigger the action "Uploaded". Even after we already remove the invalid upload file. Currently we have to upload one more valid file to trigger the action "Uploaded". So the question is: could we trigger the action "Uploaded" when we already removed all invalid file in the preview list?. Do you think that is better?.

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Hello Hien,

Thank you for a very insightful question.  I think it would be a better user experience.

Yes, I am aware of this issue (I missed it but Tony, who is one of our awesome quality assurance experts at Kiandra IT found it!).

I have been thinking the upload callback should trigger when either all of the uploads have completed, and one or more of them are successful.  Instead at the moment, it only triggers if all of them are successful- that is, none of them failed.

I will add it to the roadmap for the next update.

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Hi Hien,

I have released a new version of the ReactFilePondUpload component with the fix you suggested.  Thank you for a great suggestion.  Now a failed upload does not prevent the successful uploads from triggering the rest of the application that they are available for processing.

Great contribution Hien!

Kind regards,


Thanks a lot for your released. That work well now.

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