Soap Webservice and structure


When I consumed a SOAP webservice I'm getting two structures genterated. One 'ArrayofOrgnaisation' and the other 'Organisation'. It doesn't do this on any of the other applications I've created only this recent one I'm working on. It's causing me issues when I refresh the webservice and I have reapply Source Attributes and Indentifers on my combo box lists. Please can you advise how I can stop it from doing this?

Ricardo Pereira wrote:


Take a look at this links, I think this can help you:

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Ricardo M Pereira


Thanks for the guidance. I've gone through and I'm sure I'm following the correct proccess for consuming a soap webservice. When i refresh the web service, my combo box lists lose their source values. The 'source attribute' has a value of 'label' but is highlight red and I have to reapply it, then it works. Are you able to give me any idea why this is happening?


Hi Luke,

The Webservice structures are refreshed every time you refresh a Webservice. So even if you delete them and refresh the webservice, you will see them back in place. So I am not sure there is any way to avoid this situation.