[Ultimate PDF] I can't print with an invalid SSL certificate

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Published on 14 Sep (13 days ago) by Leonardo Fernandes
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Published on 14 Sep (13 days ago) by Leonardo Fernandes

Hi guys,

I'm trying to generate a PDF on an environment with SSL certificate issues and facing net::ERR_CERT_COMMON_NAME_INVALID error.

any URL without certificate issues is working fine.

Is there any bypass to this issue?

Look it obvious but I have to ask... Did you try to replace https to http?

Hi Leandro,


yes I tried, same error.

I realized that I only experimented with the demo module or relative URL in my code.

Using the HTTPRequestHandler > MakeAbsoluteURL action to build the URL worked fine.


btw, using the demo module, when I tried the url with IP ( ),I got this validation message:

about the SSL certificate issue, I found this link, might be helpful.



Hi Anderson. Could you check if version 2.0.2 fixes your issues?



Hi Leonardo,

the demo is working fine, but the SSL certificate issue persists.

Hi Anderson. Is your SSL certificate valid? If it's not valid, then the component is behaving as expected.

With the newer version, you can use http to render a screen. There was some code in the previous version that was forcing https, but not anymore.

Hi Leonardo,

yes, the certificate is valid, but not for one specific URL we use to do a few tests.

Can you use http for your tests?

it's not ideal, but yes I can.