Camera permission is not showing under app permission.

Hello all,

I have used upload control from OutSystems in mobile. And selected type= any.

Now when I installed new APK it's ask for gallery and media permission . So now I can access file from gallery , camera or video. Internally I am having camera permission also.

But I can  see only storage permission .

Please see screenshot attached.

Now there is an requirement where I need to call the camera video through java script code

navigator.mediaDevices.getUserMedia({audio:true, video:true})
.then(function(stream) {
  /* use the stream */
.catch(function(err) {
  /* handle the error */
The problem is that this does not work in mobile and i don't understand why. Even if i give all possible permissions to the app through the forge plugin "Android Permissions Plugin".

When I tried to call it's giving me  error "Camera permission is not there". But I can invoke camera  from upload widget.

So how to add the camera permission in the application. Please help me.



Hi Dileep,

Which plugin are you using?

Hello Dileep,

Can you try this component Android Permissions Plugin ?

Hope it helps.