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Published on 2011-03-17 by Daniel Lourenço
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Published on 2011-03-17 by Daniel Lourenço
Is there a 4.2 version of this component?

Kind regards,
Matthias Preuter

(This is my 100th post! ;-) )
Hi Matthias.

I don't think that anyone has a 4.2 version of this component.

I have been looking into it, and it is an extension, so probably you could get around it by taking the time to:

1 - Download Community Edition 5.0
2 - Open extension in 5.0
3 - Create new extension in 4.2
4 - Create the same interface in 4.2 (i.e. actions, entities, etc.)
5 - Copy the visual studio project in order to replace the code and dependencies in the 4.2 version.

...I know, it's not trivial, but this might be the way to go if you need it in 4.2. Sorry.


Paulo Tavares

P.S. - Congrats on the 100th post ;)
Hi Mathias:

As Paulo suspected I built this component already using version 5.0 of the agile platform.

It would be very straight forward to change it to 4.2 as Paulo describes. After you create the same extension in 4.2 just open the code and copy the .Net code that implements each action (as there are really no extra classes in my extension). What you need to make sure you do also is to include the same libraries the component includes:
using System;
using System.Collections;
using System.Data;
using OutSystems.HubEdition.RuntimePlatform;
using GotDotNet.ApplicationBlocks;
using Winnovative.WnvHtmlConvert;
using Winnovative.WnvHtmlConvert.PdfDocument;
using System.Drawing;
and not forget to include the assembly wnvhtmlconvert.dll in the bin directory with a "Copy to Binaries Directory" Deploy action.

If you end up doing it please let me know and I will post it in the component.


Hi, I would like to leave here a link to the Winnovative PDF Creator .Net Library (the product that is used in the URL to PDF component) - you can see it at http://www.winnovative-software.com/pdf-creator.aspx .

I think it will be useful to anyone that wants to extend, change or know more about this component.


Daniel Lourenço
There you go, the 4.2 version.

Not actually tested it yet so YMMV.


Cannot publish the URL to Pdf solution. Is the solution incomplete? Why doesn´t the solution include all the needed components. Is saying it´s missing the Rich Widgets extension and gives errors about the HtttpresquestHandler extension.

I´m using Service Studio and integration studio

Help would be appreciated. Thank you

Best Regards

Hi Pedro,

The RichWidgets extension should be available at your current Platform Server, since it is a system extension. Could it be that you don't have permissions to reference it? I opened the URLtoPDFSample eSpace, and it just asked me to refresh some of the widgets. Do check for permissions, see if that's the problem.

Regarding the URLtoPDF extension, I opened in IS, it opened with no problem, and I published it directly, and it worked.

I'll recommend you extract the solution package to a folder, and publish the URLtoPDF extension first, and then the Sample eSpace. I would not publish HTTPRequestHandler.

Let me know if that works.


Paulo Tavares

Does http://www.winnovative-software.com/ company have a component that can convert a url to doc? Tried to find on the website but didnt found anything related.

That would be great!!! :D
Hi all,

Does anybody know if there is a way to change the wording and format of the Page Number in the footer ?
(e.g. instead of "Pages 1 of 3", just put "1")

Thanks and regards,
Pedro Moita
Hi all,

Please disregard, already changed the extension with new properties to control the page number and the header/footer lines.
Attached the version of the xif.

Pedro Moita.
Hi all,

And yet another version of the extension, this time allowing an input of a file binary data documents recordlist, which will be included as attachments to the pdf (and some other improvements). As previously, in version.

Regards and happy new year to all!
Pedro Moita.

Has anyone ever tried using this component to render Flash content in 64-bit environments?

According to winnovative, there are a number of steps to follow (http://www.winnovative-software.com/FAQ.aspx) to properly set this up. All have been tried.

Any clues?
Pedro Gonçalves wrote:

Has anyone ever tried using this component to render Flash content in 64-bit environments?

According to winnovative, there are a number of steps to follow (http://www.winnovative-software.com/FAQ.aspx) to properly set this up. All have been tried.

Any clues?
 I purchased a copy of the HTML to PDF Converter for .NET product as this was the product stated in the disclaimer of this component and the license key does not work. Does anyone else have this issue? Is this really the correct product from Winnovative?
Hello all,

I have the paid version of Winnovative's HTML to PDF Converter for .NET, and have adapted this extension accordingly to the new dll. I have made tests to the extension in Visual Studio, through a test project, and everything is working as it's supposed to.

However, after publishing the extension to the server, when I try to use it from my eSpace, it returns the following error:

"Could not start conversion. WinApi error code 2. Check 'wnvinternal.dat' file has execute permissions and that it exists near wnvhtmltopdf.dll or set the WnvInternalFileName property with the full path of the file"

The said file was imported to the extension, to the visual studio project, and should have been published to the server too, but apparently it wasn't.

How can I solve this?

Thank you
Best Regards,
Ana Sofia Santana
After some more research I figured out the answer with the help of this post:

The extension is now working without any problems.

We have an environment where this extension is used to generate two maps.
One is generating without any problem.
The other is giving the following error: Mensagem do adobe reader:
Adobe Reader could not open “MapaFotografiaDoDias.pdf” because it is either not a supported file type or because the file has been damaged (for example, it was sent as an email attachment and wasn`t correctly decoded)

The espace is the same that is being used in other environments, and it doesnt have any problem.
Any idea on why is this hapenning?

thank you in advance
Ana Santana

Im using XMLParser parser = new XMLParser("Resources/states.xml");

In the debugger just show the exception "/opt/jboss/bin/Resources/states.xml" .

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