[Reactive Multiple File Upload] [ Bug Fix ] Increase field length to enable .xlsx file upload

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Published on 16 Jun by José Pedro Proença
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Published on 16 Jun by José Pedro Proença

Thanks for the component, works well.

One thing i found out the MimeType field length is too short. In the case of .xlsx file, it requires longer. I go to the _Lib service module and increase the length to 500, it solves the problem of upload .xlsx file:



Hi George,

Thanks for letting know. What was the error you were getting with the unmodified length property?


Hi George Qiao,

Thank you so much for your feedback! We when to this Mozilla documentation page and found that indeed, for .xlsx files, the mimetype has 65 charcters. The larger mimetype we found was 73 charcters long.

With this in mind we just uploaded a new version of the component with the mimetype now being 250 charcters long. It seems that this will be more than enough.

Thanks again for your comment :) please let us know if you have any more suggestions.


Thanks for the quick release, Jose.