Multiple image upload for a list item from lists


I am trying to make an questionnaires app with multiple image upload for each question, please see attachment below. When i click on photo icon it takes me to Upload Image page.

How do i link these two so that each should hold its own image contents.

Hi Satish,

You can add one input parameter to your image upload screena and set its type to Question (or what ever your entity name is) Identifier. While redirecting from your questions screen to image upload screen pass this input parameter.

I hope you know how you can pass input parameter from list to a screen destination and save it in entity with other values on destinatino screen. If not please follow this course on mobile application development to know how to develope mobile applications with OutSystems.

Hi Satish,

No sure if I understand your question but from what i see, you should separate the Image binary on its own entity. Then link the id on each questionnaire(This will be 1 image per questionnaire). But if you want to have a multiple image per question, you need to have another entity to handle that one, so that entity that you will need might look like this. QuestionEntity,ImageEntity and QuestionnaireImagEntity(This contains the both the image and question Id to handle multiple image per question).