Reactive Date Picker . set initial range

I'm currently using the DatePicker control in a reactive application. As start and end date are to be entered I've set the option SelectInterval to "true". The problem is that I would like to initialize the control with both, start date and end date. Start date should be set by using InitialDate...

The question is, how to initialize the end date? Any Ideas?


Hi Stephen,

I think you will have to customize the DatePicker control. There is an option to provide the AdvancedFormat where you can pass something like:

    startRange: new Date('Mon May 25 2020 00:00:00'),
    endRange: new Date('Mon May 25 2020 00:00:00')

However, I think this will not work because the JSON would be evaluated first and then stringified. So this leaves you with the customization of the DatePicker itself.

Hi Stephen Reindl,

I am also facing the same problem. How did you resolve that? 

Any suggestions?



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