Create Structures dynamically at runtime

Create Structures dynamically at runtime


I would like to create an application that can view, and update/delete records in the physical tables, in a generic way.

Because the advanced query needs a predefined output structure, this generic way is not possible.

Is there a way to create structures dynamically at runtime?

Or does anyone have another idea how to manage the physical tables?



Hi Martha,

First and foremost welcome to our forums.

Now, I didn't completely understand your usecase. When you mention physicial tables do you mean you have other tables in the same database that you want to manage inside Service Studio?
If this is the case you can make Service Studio aware of these tables using an extension. With Integration Studio you inspect the database and select the tables you wish to give visiblity to in Service Studio. Next you reference these tables in the eSpace with 'Add/Remove References' option.
Once you have these entities in Service Studio you can use them in simple or advanced queries just like you do for Entities created in that eSpace.

Hope this helps you.

Hi Andre,

Thanx, for welcoming me to  this forum! It has already helped me out on other occasions, but concerning this matter i haven't found an answer yet..

With physical tables i mean the database tables which the enities in the espace are ' representing'  .
(The PHYSICAL_TABLE_NAME column in the dbo.ossys_Espace  table).

Is there a way to ' get to them'  in a generic way?
I would like to build an espace to do this, so we can manage the tables.