Page refresh problem

Page refresh problem

I have attached an example with the problem I have.
When I insert a record through action "Save", this application is forwarded to another page where I only have a list of records inserted.
The problem is, when I refresh the page, the action "Save" is called again and I insert the same record inserted.
Someone can help me how to prevent this from happening?

Hi João.

Quick question: what do you mean "refresh"? A browser refresh (F5)?


Paulo Tavares
Hi João,

If you change the save button method to Ajax your problem will end.

Check your URL will be different in both cases, it has to do with the difference of both methods.

you can see more info about this @


Yes Paulo, a refresh pressing F5.

Hi João,

did you check my previous message?

Hi Ricardo,
not yet. I will try tomorrow.

Hi ricardo,
Works fine, thanks a lot.