Unable to upload file using upload control


i have try to upload big size pdf file using file upload control it is not showing any error but it is not upload

upload progress bar reset to 0 .

example when i try to upload file its upload progress bar going to 60-70% and suddenly set to 0 so file is not uploaded into database .please provide  solution

Have you checked the Error Log in Service Center? Any error logged when it happens?

You might be experiencing is timeout issue. By default web requests have a timeout of 100 seconds. Is it taking more than that when the progress bar goes down to 0%?


i am trying to upload pdf files some file uploaded successfully and some files provide problem. please suggest me how can i  increase timeout of request this issue solve,i a shareing service center log please find the attached file.

Hi, the information in the Log Entry you attached is not conclusive.

If you really want to increase the web request timeout, you can raise a support case and ask the loud Support team to work on it.

Although I strongly recommend to consider doing so only if you are 100% sure that it is the case. As it can impact the overall performance of your application.

Normally a timeout error is displayed on the screen, through a FeedbackMessage. As per your description, it might be related to issues. In this case, you can also raise a support ticket so the Support team can help investigate the issue.

Here is the link to raise the support case: https://www.outsystems.com/SupportPortal/CaseOpen/

Hi Himanshu,

You can use the SetRequestTimeout action from HTTPRequestHandler module to increase the timeout of the upload request. 

But I am not sure if this is the issue you are facing as it would result in an error if the connection times out. Something like There was an error processing your request...The connection has timed out.



Oh yeah, I completely forgot about that option! Thanks Nordin, great addition...

That happens, you're welcome João :)