I got an error Deployment failed Unexpected content found in ping.

I have an issue  I hope someone cal help me to understand the message of this error-

I currently using platform server 9.1  to deploy on the Service Center, but suddenly I start to getting this message error: Deployment Failed Unexpected Content found in ping. Status OK. Content: Outsystems platfrm server is running..

This happens for many eSpaces that I try to deploy..

Please any idea of this I wuould be thankful.

Thanks so much.


Hi Isaac,

It sounds like your issue is the same as mentioned in this post.

Try Jorge's suggestion to create and publish a solution with all modules and see if that fixes your issue.



Hi Isaac,

Just to confirm you are running 9.1 on a On Premises, right?

You can go to Service Center and create a solution with all your modules, and then you can republish that solution.

Please check this:


You should receive a message like this: OutSystems Platform Server is running

If you still have issues, you should contact Outsystems Support.


Hi Isaac.

If the suggestions above don't work:

That is a bit old... Is your server a Java version?

I found a similar issue in the forum that was related to JBoss https://www.outsystems.com/forums/discussion/52893/publish-error-occurred/

Thanks so much for your attention andI felt well support by you guys, great community great job!.Yesterday I was under pressure I coundn't reply quickly but I was looking for the solution to this issue. So thanks to yours post I could find out the solution.  Let me share.

The point here is of any reason the Jboss deployments folderpermissions was change it. and thats the  issue was affecting the deployments on the Service Center  for some eSpaces.  

Since I have granted the permissions again to the folder  I was be able to deploy again.

I would thank to all of you. for your attention and quick response, as you problably know when somebody is stuck is very helpful responses like this one. Iam completaly new to this beautiful platform and I love it.  I used to be working like a Java developer and I could see the benefits of this platform.

I hope this helps for another case.., 

My best regards.

Isaac Jaime.

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