Copy/Sync online database data(questions from a different table) to local on storage

Hello, Guys.

I want to sync all the questions from online database(having 3-4 entity) to local storage on click of refresh button. On below image i have local storage for each online database i want  to copy the content of into them(local database). Thank you.


Hi Satish,

Please go through Data Synchronization section of the Developing OutSystems Mobile Apps course to learn how to develop it. Of course it is better to do the entire course to learn much more about Mobile Apps.

There are different synchronization patterns you can choose from depending on your scenario. The most simple pattern is Read-Only Data.

Hope this helps!




Hi Satish,

That's a good idea. I'm not seeing a question in your post.  What you want is extremely common and very doable.

If you have no clue how to get started on this, may I suggest following online training on this subject.  I would recommend the entire course on mobile development, but you could zoom in on the local storage and data synchronisation chapter.

Good luck,