Ajax Refresh and OnNotify in a Table Records

Ajax Refresh and OnNotify in a Table Records

Hi everyone,

Is it possible to use ajax refresh to refresh a widget, where is a table records inside and make it call again the OnNotify web block?

For example, I have an action that adds a record to a database table, in the end I call ajax refresh, that will make the onnotify run, which will catch my new record and display to the user through ajax.

Is that possible?
Hi Carlos,

Yes its possible to do that.

The Style Guide Template has already examples on how to refresh in a "ajax way" widgets based on a create or update record.

Take a look at this video  http://www.outsystems.com/demos/DemoScreen.aspx?Movie=Web-Development--An-AJAX-application-in-5-minutes!



Sorry but I'm using style guide and a didnt find any example. I dont want to use the listrecords_add or delete...I want to call the ajax refresh and, after that, the onnotifiy event is called and refreshes the table records.

Any help?
Hi Carlos,
Instead of onNotify you can use the Widget Click action from Rich Widgets.
You can make an hidden link in your screen that point to a refresh table action, and next with widget click you can call the action.
I don't know if it's the best solution but at least it works. Tks :D