Reactive data from other source drag drop to table

Hi guys!

I'm developing with so much fun on OS Reactive I just love it.

But I have a strange problem, when I create a table I can drag and drop a field from a other source. The column is automatic created just like it should. But when I drag and drop the next field I only get a expression it's not creating any new column anymore. Any one a idea why this happens?



Where are you dropping the variable?

If you place it between columns it creates a column.

If you place it in a cell, it goes into the cell.

Or maybe you are picking some data that is not part of an entity. If I drag a local variable, it always goes into an existing cell.

Hi Nuno! 

When I go in between the tables it does not work.It's creating it as a expression instead of creating a new column...

No one else who has this problem?

Hi freek,

That may be an issue. Please submit it through service studio (with a good description, mentioning reactive table) so it gets in the backlog. As a workaround you'll need to add a column manually and add the attribute name as text in the header cell and the expression with the value in the cell.

Tiago Simões