Form Widget - Record Runtime Property is Missing

Working on a reactive web app to display a list of records from a database and be able to edit them. I have successfully created the table to display the records and link to a new screen that contains a form for updating the record. My issue is in the action i have attached to a save button. When i add the Update<entity> Server Action i have no source to select. I have seen lots of posts on other issues pertaining to forms and all of them show a Record runtime property under the From Widget in the Expression Editor. When i open my Expression Editor to select the source, my Form does not have a Record runtime property. Only ID and Valid. Why is this runtime property not appearing for me to use?


Hello Jeremy.

The Form.Record is from traditional web development. It is the changed version of the Source Record.

In Reactive you use the same Variable that you used in your inputs because the value is the same in the input and the variable. There is no middle layer so you don't feed a Source to the Form or get a Form.Record.


Thanks! That pointed me in the right direction for what the Source needed to be. I set it for Get<entity>.List.Current and it saves to the database.

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