Authentication OAuth 1.0 for Consume REST API - Liveperson

I need to consume a LIVEPERSON REST API, as documented here:

This API allows access only with Oauth 1.0 authentication where I must supply a ConsumerKey, ConsumerSecret, TokenValue and TokenSecret. I tried to use the Forge component ( and also other options via Extension, but I was unable to obtain the authorization generated successfully . I'm using OutSystems 11.

Has anyone of you managed to make the consumption of REST API Authenticating with Oauth 1.0? If so, help me please.

Detail: If I use the keys I have with POSTMAN, it works, the API successfully authenticates and correctly returns the result.

At Outsystems, I receive 401 Unauthorized returns.

Hi Galter,

I assume you checked this web page as a reference? Since I cannot see the full OAuth string in the image you posted, are you sure you supplied all the required parameters? If you perform a Postman call, are you passing the exact same parameters as when you do the call in OutSystems?