Get file path

I'm trying upload a file that can be in any place on my computer to a particular folder on the server.
But, i have some problems.. I'm using the action "File_Copy" of NetworkFileSystem extension. The action has a input parameter "Path". But i can't get the path from the widjet InputFilename..
How can i get the file path??

Someone can hel me?

Hello Joao,

If I understand you correctly, you are trying to accomplish the following:

-) browse for a file on your local computer using the inputFilename widget
-) upload thef file, and store it somewhere on the (server) filesystem

You can't directly copy a file to the server via the filesystem using the inputFilename widget. (it indeed does not return the full path)

You should
- use the input Filename widget in a form to upload the file to the server
- use the filename and content properties of the inputFilename widget to get the content and filename of the uploaded file
- store the file-content on the server's filesystem as a new file using the filename you get from the inputFilename widget (for example, using the FileSystem extension and File_WriteBinary method)

The File_Copy of the NetworkFileSystem extension is useful if you want to copy from a (network) filesystem path that is directly accessible for the server to another directly accessible path for the server.

I hope this helps,

best regards,

Best regards,
Hans de Vries

Thank you Han, you help me a lot..