[OutSystems Charts] Adding additional Highchart components

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Published on 1 Jul by OutSystems R&D
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Published on 1 Jul by OutSystems R&D

Hi team,

We are making extensive use of other highcharts components (React Native Apps). For example the sunburst.js is a great addition and delivers useful and powerful visualisation.

Are there any plans or at least stable standard protocols of including additional charts?

Adding the js as resources and hoping that the versions stay compatible with Outsystems Highcharts is not ideal - has anyone found a better way?



Hello Eric,

Had to deal with HighCharts for a previous project and I very much wanted a type of chart which wasn't on OutSystems' default component. 

The thing is, HighChart is a licensed product. I believe Outsystems 10 licensed version 4 and 11 version 5. So you can use any javascript from them in that version. Higher versions you'll have to pay for the license before implementing them.

Hi Eric.

It's in our plans to provide a better experience to extend the component, but no specific solution yet.

However, you can see an example of this use case in this video from OutSystems Developers Conference, around minute 24, hope this helps.

Thanks Mariano and Dinis.

We have managed to pull in the sunburst javascript as a resource and are dealing with it as a discrete script to invoke it given that the data structures are somewhat different (or I might not know how to bend the HighchartsJSON strongly enough to make it work.)

It would be great if there was a better way to add additional highcharts components in the future... even if it is just a drop down that pulls the right js version to match the current outsystems version or something like that. :)