User Name In Reactive Application


Trying to get the logged in user name and can't seem to find the right function.....have used this in Traditional Web apps and it works, but reactive not so much.


I've also tried a variable assignment ended with the same result.

Thank you,


Hi FrankCLT,

look at the webblock showing the username in the upper right corner.  Apparently, there is a client variable being populated, Client.Username, that gets set, and that you could use.

that sure sounds easy and neat to me,


Hi FrankCLT,

In Reactive Web Apps we do not have entities available at the client-side by default. Their data need to be fetched first via Aggregates or Advanced SQL tools.

However, the logged in username is fetched inside the UserInfo block (in the Common Flow) and stored in a client variable Username which you can use.

Hope this helps!