Hi All,

I have two site properties which have a default value, let's say "A" for the context sake. In the acc- environment i have overwritten those site properties with the effective value of "B". However when I call them in the acc- environment they return "A" to me.

I would expect them to give the effective value of "B"

Any answer to this would be awesome :)

Kind regards,
Bart van Orizande

HI Bart,
Is that a Multi-Tenant SiteProperty?

Also, check if Cache Invalidation Service is running:

Service Center -> Monitoring -> Environment Health

If it is down, the value wont reset even if you republish.

assif_tiger wrote:

HI Bart,
Is that a Multi-Tenant SiteProperty?

Hi Assif,

It isn't


Thanks for the answers, the solution was to wait for a while. I think the values weren't active yet, after waiting for 20 minutes the correct values were used


Hi Bart,

The cache that your applications rely on for Site Properties should invalidate when you change their values, either programatically or in Service Center - rarely, this might not happen. The first thing you should do is checking the status of Cache Invalidation like Nuno Reis mentioned. If it isn't running, or you want a quick fix, try publishing your module in order to force it happening: