Setting a Default Value on Autocomplete textbox field

Setting a Default Value on Autocomplete textbox field

Hi ,

When we load a webpage with an autocomplete textbox on it, i want a default value set on it.

On the example attached, i was able to replicate this behavior, but when we click on save, no value is set.

Set a default value on an autocomplete textbox, is possible?

Hi João.

Sorry for the late reply.

I indeed went through your code and it made perfect sense - probably that would be a bug, and I encourage you to submit it to our support channel.

Regarding how to do what you want, the workaround I managed to do was, in the "Save" action, use an if statement saying (in pseudo-code):

if ( var=AutocompleteSuggestionList2.Current.Input_Autocomplete_ListEntry.Label )


id = IntegerToEntityRefInteger(TextToInteger(AutocompleteSuggestionList2.Current.Input_Autocomplete_ListEntry.Identifier))


do the normal thing.

I hope that does the trick for you.

Best regards,

Paulo Tavares

Thanks a lot Paulo, this workaround is perfect.