Formatted Currency to Text need to go back to Currency

Good Sunday afternoon,

I have Entity.BudgetedAmount that has data type of Currency,  I have an input field with a variable Var1 that is text.  

I have the formula below which displays for example 10000 = $100.00 for Var1,  what format or conversion can i use to take Var1 to Currency on my write back to Entity.BudgetedAmount?

Var1 = FormatCurrency(Entity.BudgetedAmount,"$", 2, ".", "")

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Hi FrankCLT,

I can suggest you one work around i.e. use one more variable of type currency to hold the value of your Entity.BudgetedAmount.

Since var1 variable is of text type and you are using formatting on it for display purpose, no need to write additional logic to convert back it to currency, instead you can write a simple logic on OnChnage of your input box in which you can always assign same value to your var2(example name of currency type) which you should use to assign back to Entity.BudgetedAmount for saving or calculation purpose.

Hope this helps.


Manish Jawla 


First you need to remove the first character of var1 using substring (Substr(Var1,1,Lenght(Var1) - 1)

) and than you can use the action TextToDecimal. But before that use TextToDecimalValidate to check if its possible.




As Marcelo said, you can use TextToDecimal. Please see more info here