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Published on 2010-03-12 by Daniel Lourenço
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Published on 2010-03-12 by Daniel Lourenço
Good afternoon.
I downloaded issueManager and when I went to follow the footsteps of 
Bootstrapanddemoscript.doc document, to access the VM Demo, you must enter the user and pass, but they are not written in the document. Can you give me access credentials?
Vitor Rocha

How could we use the Absences Manager is version 5.1?
There is any new version of this aplication?

Thanks in advance.

Jorge Messias 
Hi Jorge,
The Issue Manager is in version To use this application in version 5.1, you just need to do the upgrade of all components of this application. So, you need to publish the Solution in your server in order to do the upgrade. 
I searched in the community and I not found a new version.
Nelson Baptista
Hi, Is this available for the new version 6.1.0? I tried publishing the current version but there are lot of errors.