Accessing records from Outsystems system and lifetime tables

I would like to access the below entities and attributes using SQL or any other method to display the current active users,database usage and application objects used on the Outsystems platform. These are stored in system tables. Would you please let me know to access the below entities?

Database Usage:
                DBDATAUSAGE = Application Data
                DBSYSTEMUSAGE = System Data

User Limits:
                ActiveNamedUsers = Limit of named users
                LicensingInformation.SoftwareUnits = Maximum Application Objects
                LicensingInformation.ConsumedSoftwareUnits = Current used AO's with date of update
                LicensingInformation.ExpireDate = Expiry date of current license

Thanks in advance,



Hi Meria,

You can reference system entities by Managing Dependencies and selecting the entities you want from the System Module. You could then simply use an Aggregate to query the data you want.

Note that the OSLTM_ tables are Lifetime entities which are only accessible from your dedicated LifeTime environment (in OutSystems 11).

For AO usage you can check out this Forge component in order to see how that data is retrieved. There are some other AO tools out there on the Forge.

Hope this helps!




Just to add, you can also take a look at DB Cleaner and DB Cleaner On Steroids to know about how they fetch the information about database usage and so.


Nice one Eduardo, good tip!

Thanks Nordin and Eduardo.

I was able to access the OSSYS entity from Service Studio. But not the LifeTime entity OSLTM. I will take a look at the forge components.