Update Service Sutdio Automatically does not run

The  'Update Service Studio Automatically'  setting is checked in my Service Studio Preferences.

But the version has not changed since I installed it.

When does it run?

I want to know about the reason why.

Is there any log about 'update service studio automatically' ?

ServiceStudio Version:11.7.2 Build 15539


I do not know.

I would suggest to download the latest version and check again when it's being updated.

It might be a bug in that specific version.

Hi Meg2,

Can you check inside the following path if the OutSystems Updater folder is there?

The contents of that folder should consist of the following files.

If it is not there, or some files are missing, please install the latest version like J. suggested.



Thanks J.and Nordin.

I install latest version.