I am developing a web app using Silk UI. It has the #Menu webblock and this holds several #RichWidgets/DropDownMenu webblocks. This menu contains both MenuItems and MenuSubItems. All records in the MenuSubItem static entity have appropriate entries in the MenuItemID attribute, in the form of Entities.MenuItem.Name. At runtime all MenuSubItems appear beneath the appropriate MenuItem, as intended. However, when a MenuSubItem is clicked and the destination screen appears, the appropriate MenuItem is sometimes highlighted and sometimes not. It is consistent for each screen, but the behavior is not consistent across all screens. For example, MenuSubItem M could have a MenuItemID of Entities.MenuItem.A and the A menu would be highlighted when selected while MenuSubItem N could have a MenuItemID of Entities.MenuItem.B and the B menu would not be highlighted when selected. For all DropDownMenu webblocks, the IsActive property is set to "ActiveMenuItemId = Entities.MenuItem.Name" where Name is the correct menu name.

Can anyone help?

I have read multiple forum posts and appear to have done everything right, but something is still missing.

by any chance can you share a sample oml. Hard to suggest a solution as this seems to be a one off case since you mentioned that you have followed the process. 

Additionally you can try inspecting the elements in browser at runtime, which would give you the properties being set for highlighting. Now using these properties you can do a reverse search to see what variables/logic is doing the manipulation .