Error in Orders Demo Application

Hi everyone!

During my first endavours with this platform I thought it was a good idea to learn from an actual application, and got myself the Orders demo app!

It got a few dependency errors, but I managed to get rid of them. Now I still face some error, and these suprise me, because they seem to be application specific types that are missing, see below:

My tree on the looks like this:

I use version 11.7.9 , build 20574.

Other demo applications are running smooth and deployed with no fuzz. I must be missing something, who can help me out?!

Many thanks!

Hi Ron,

It looks like there is missing module with some entities (Customer, Order, OrderStatus). Try to create this entities and add attributes mentioned in the error messages.


It seems the solution provided is incomplete.

This oml refers to another, Orders_Base, but Forge only contains this one, not the other.

You can see it going to References. Missing references will show in red.

I could get Dublin by going here and downloading it.

To have Orders_Base you have two options.

  • The lazy one is go to the component page and in Support ask it to the owner.
  • The "I can't wait" reaction is to explore the reference and clone it by hand. You will learn a lot more from this one.

Thanks Daryna and Nuno!

When I was solving the dependencies, as Nuno mentioned with the DublinTheme, Orders_Base also appeared. But that 'magically' solved itself when I solved the Dublin and Webpattern. When I check the dependencies now, no word is mentioned of Order_Base. Feels strange to me!

I'll try the "I can't wait", tnx Nuno for that! I'll keep you posted!


Ok, the answer to this question is simple. The application is part of a lesson presented here:

There is a ZIP download available on this page where all the lesson materials are provided. Among those are a PDF and the needed Orders_Base file. The last one needs to be installed before you deploy the Order application itself! The PDF will guide you through the process.