What OutSystems Stands for and the Power of Great Community

Here at OutSystems, we believe in tolerance, equality, inclusion, and we are fortunate to have a community around us that shares those values. We have seen the OutSystems community rush to action when people are in need, and the engagement in the COVID-19 OutSystems Community Response Program was incredible to witness. 

Our company is a great place to work because we operate with a clear code, outlined in the  Small Book of a Few Big Rules. One of our core rules is always to ask “why.” The continuous process of asking why helps us get to the heart of the problem. As a community, it’s time we step out of our comfort zone, begin asking the hard questions, and challenge the status quo in order to help others. 

Many of us watching the news from afar (or seeing it up close) are experiencing a rollercoaster of emotions and are not sure what to say or how we can help in some way. Right now feels like a great time to ask “why.” 

I would like to encourage all of the members of our community to use this as a moment to seek information about the racial injustices that exist around us, and look for ways to get engaged. President Obama shared his perspective in a statement, and starting points for more sources of information and ways to contribute. I was also heartened to read the statement from President Bush, whose message reinforces that we aren’t facing a political issue, we are facing an issue that is at the core of our society. 

Thank you,


As someone who has a rather personal vested interest in tolerance, equality & inclusion I wholeheartedly agree and applaud everyone’s efforts both at Outsystems and in the wider community