Popup windows with ID from the inserted row in database

Hi, i'm new in Outsystem and i'm developing a project for a conference revision system.
I want to make a popup that indicate theID after insert a new submission, so the Autor can then use the id to consult the status of the article.

How can i implement this??
Hi André.

Welcome to the forums.

In terms of making popups, it will depend on the version of the Platform you're working on, and what exactly would you want to do.

I would definitely recommend using the RichWidgets' popup - RichWidgets is included in the Enterprise Manager and Style Guide component - or, depending on what information you want, you might just want a confirmation message - much alike the green one you get when you post a question in the forums.

As to how to use it for your specific needs, I would suggest going through the brief RichWidgets tutorial in the Academy section - it's pretty short, and explains things well. You may also want to look at the Getting Started one, for the ID.

Let us know if this helps, and if you run into some other problem using it!


Paulo Tavares