Want to adjust the height of an Iframe according to the content


I am working on one feature where I need to host the dynamic content through different source URL. The problem that I am facing is the hight of an Iframe is not adjusting according to content which going to render. I want the height of an Iframe to be adjusted to the certain max-height. I tried with applying min-height and max-height through CSS but it didn't work. If anybody has any solution to this problem it will be a great help. 



Just a bit curious. What is it you are trying to achieve here Sachin . Avoid scrolls ?

In the .net world I remember doing something like this bu overriding the onload for iframe and then setting the height using the contentwindow size. You are after something else though I suspect.  

Anyways if you can provide a sample module, would help take a look and suggest better.