[IdP] SLO failure

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Published on 7 Oct (2 weeks ago) by João Barata
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Published on 7 Oct (2 weeks ago) by João Barata

I have encountered the "404 - File or directory not fount" error when logout. 

When trying to debug, there has 3 parameters, SAMLResponse,  Signature & SigAlg in querystring.

Hence, i pass these parameters one-by-one in order to check what wrong it is and find that the above page is shown when having 'Signature' parameter in the querystring and it doesn't go into the 'Preparation' routine.

Please advise.

Hi all, 

I find why to get the 404 error page in SSO since IIS is limited the get querystring in 1024. Anybody know how to change ADFS to response in POST method? OR how to enlarge IlS setting