Questionnaire research Low-Coding platforms Outsystem by IT student

Hello, thank you for clicking this question.

I am Thomas, I am an IT student from the Netherlands, and I am currently doing research on Low-Coding platforms. If possible, I would like input from the Outsystems community. I am currently comparing several different platforms to see which platform could best be used for different types of projects, and situations. The questionnaire will take around 5-10 minutes of your time and will greatly assist me in my research. All responses are completely anonymous.

I would appreciate it greatly if you would take a few minutes out of your day to assist me in this manner.

The following office forms link will bring you to the questionnaire:

Hi Thomas, I've answered the survey, where/when can we see the results of it?


Done, please share the results in this thread.

I will be sharing the basic results afterwards if I receive enough data from all communities.
I will end the poll in around 1 week, and will need 1 more week collect the data. Around that time I will share the results.
Thank you to the people who have submitted so far.

Done, please share the results when its done

Done! Hope this data can be helpful for all of us.

Done. I hope the number of responses is also considered for the quality of the community.

It will be fun to watch each community thinking they have the best product.

Done. Looking forward to the results! 

I’m positive there is no match for this community. ;-)

Done. I hope you get good data.


Done. Looking forward to see the result :)

Done. Hope you would be publishing the results. 


I received data from 8 Mendix, 18 Outsystems, 21 Pega experts in total, which consisted of 5 Mendix, 17 Outsystems, and 12 Pega experts from the communities, and local experts for the remaining results. When taking the average of all the results the following scores from 1 to 5 were given to the categories, with the exception of the first category, the following results are given. This data is of course only data from opinions of experts for their own platforms, and would need to be done on a larger scale to make an accurate conclusion.  

Development speed4.5 times faster5.35 times faster7.917 times faster
Integration options3,754,7058823534,526315789
Business processes3,6254,2222222224,611111111
Working with data3,754,4705882354,157894737
Working with business rules3,754,3333333334,368421053
Working with documents3,6254,1111111113,5
Version control2,753,7647058824,176470588
Citizen development3,6253,54,119047619
Support mother company3,3754,6111111114,5
iBPM options34,2222222224,714285714
Case Management options3,253,9444444444,857142857
Visually unique3,253,8333333333,19047619
Functionally unique2,8753,5555555563,047619048

I would like to thank the Outsystems community for the large amount of quick responses. 


Hi Thomas

Excellent stuff here ?? Thank you for sharing the results here and for considering OutSystems in your research.


Nice informations! Thanks for sharing!!! 

Excellent info , thanks for sharing

It is always good to have a perception of the market idea. It is one of the ways to lead to improvements.