How to update an external DB (Redshift) record using advanced sql query

Hi Folks, 

I am developing an web application screen using external db - Redshift data. I am able to get the data.

But here the problem is I want to update the record back to external db only. Not in outsystems db. 

Using Redshift external db, I am not able to see the update action rather i am able to see only create action for that table. 

Do any one suggest how to update a record in external db using the advanced sql query if possible (Update query). 

In external db, there is no primary key, so i am using the combination of two columns as unique record.  

Getting the query error code 42704 "relation does not exist"

Thanks in advance,



The fact there's no primary key causes the lack of an Update Action, as OutSystems needs an Identifier for that (and doesn't have composite keys). I'm not sure there's a solution for this.


Thanks Kilian. 

I will check with redshift db team to update the primary key if possbile. Else Hope the the way is we need to re created the table in to oustystems db and afer that thourgh ETL need to update the actual redhsifht db table. 

Is is correct way Kilian. 

Thanks. Gangadhara


Well yes, ideally you have a single primary key, and if that's not possible, writing an Action for updating in an Extension might be a solution.