how to save the data from a ListAppend to a table in the database

Good evening.
    How can I get the data from a ListAppend and save the data in a table in the database.

Versão 11 Web


just loop through and call entity action to save records in db.


Hi Version,

You write ListAppend but the code you shared in your action uses a ListDuplicate.

If the data in your duplicated list is already in the database, then adding it again makes no sense and will actually generate database errors as it will not allow to add an existing record again with the same primary key.

To answer your question, to add data of the result of a list append, you need to understand the the output parameter of the list apprnd is of data type List.

So you add a foreach widget after the list append, than right to the CreateOrUpsate_EntradaItem entity action. On the entity action pass the ListAppend list current record.

Then from the entity action you drag a line back to the for each.