[Simple Reports PDF] Preview differs from pdf..
Forge component by Rafael Fantato


I'm currently using  Stable Version 5.3.3 (O11) version of Simple Reports, the Preview looks good but the styling goes out the window when i download it.  

This also happens in your demo of simple reports, alot of spacing and other styling elements are missing in the pdf that where shown in the preview.

Are you guys aware of this issue? And any idea how to fix this?

Simple Preview

Simple Pdf download


Hi Remi, the main goal of this component is to export by Browser, using Print command. When I started receiving a lot of messages (how-to, issues when putting together with HTML2PDF, etc) I just added a way to call this other component.

What I know it is very limited: fonts, lines, styles, css3

Try to use another PDF generator, like Ultimate PDF.

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