What kind of training courses or resources are you looking for?

Hi guys,

I wanted to probe with you what kind of training resources would be most interesting to you.... Stuff like:
  • online training
  • onsite training
  • documents
  • etc...
Any ideas on this? Simply reply to this post or send me a private message!

Mário - OutSystems Academy

using the network-tooling in-depth (like issue-mgmt, sprint-planning, project-analysis) with best practices, pitfalls, trainings etc.

Thanks Joost!

Let's see what the others have to add.

The training resources available are good but for a beginner I find them not to complete the picture for me. I can see the "what's new" type videos that shows a snippet of a functionality and for a beginner it end up being more of "WOW" but I can't figure out from a complete project point of view how I would make use of it.
There is currently a thread asking about what you have used agilePlatform for and already a good list of items developed in/for agilePlatform have been mentioned and a beginner would love to get to know how to achieve some of features real life applications will deliver.

I think what is lacking for me personally is a complete project, from start to finish, may use the style sheet, but be more explorative on implementation of the features of the stylesheet as opposed to "just delete this, and maybe this" why I say that? I believe from a ground up I will come to appreciate more what I see implemented in a style sheet after learning the hows and whys

I have one already, been sitting and forced to watch the British Elections going-ons and thought why not have an electronic election system.

Features to explore
  1. Enterprise Manager
  2. BPM
  3. Reporting and Charts

any other items users may feel would be ideal.

I would also suggest that this be done with the community edition and maybe developed in stages with exploration of the ins-outs of such an application (many users when asked about their application say, it is not possible since it is a business app, understandable, but that leaves the beginners not able to develop skill if nifty features are not made available/explained to them).

For experienced developers out there, please write tutorials and maybe Jing/Camtasia these for us.


Hi Albert,

Thank you so much for this cool feedback! It will be handed over to the OutSystems Academy team.

Please feel free to send me a private message if any of the issues mentinoned is blocking you and I'll be more than glad to help you out.

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