Handling exceptions on remove of a row of a dynamic table

Hello, I have this scenario where I have a Dynamic Table and when I try to delete a row in a situation where it cannot be deleted because of protect constraint, I throw an exception.

The thing is, by default, the dynamic table still visually removes the row until a page refresh is made. So I'm trying to ajax refresh the table on the handling of that exception and for a second it works until it gives a "Index out of range" error.

I even tried refreshing the aggregate before the ajax refresh, but something in the way that the dynamic table works with a list didn't fix it.

Any sugestion on how can I achieve not deleting that row or make an ajax refresh, it is important that the solution doesn't require a full page refresh.

If you really need the ajax refresh, I might have to go check it out. But off the top of my head, the exception handler could navigate to the same screen. That'd refresh the page.