How can i debug a timer execution? Without using a screen with screen action calling the timer action. 

Anyone? Thanks.
Hi João,

Are you using 5.0?

If not
    alert (" you can't do it without creating an test screen. ")
     just set the break point inside the timer action
     go to Debugger menu
     select "Start Debugging in Public Area"  option
     alert ("and that should be it")
end if
Hi João,

Since 5.0 you can also debug public area, where timers are executed.

So, to debug timers, you need to:
  • First I recomend to publish your espace  (1CP) ,
  • Add the break point in the timer action,
  • Do a Run,
  • Wake the timer (for instance, using the Service Center).
As soon the timer starts its execution, your Service Studio should be debugging your timer request.

João Portela

Still in 4.2 but thanks for the answers, now i know how to do it in 5.0 :)