LifeTime Deployment issue to UAT (Infinite loop of Synchronization in DEV, UAT, PROD)


We are facing the deployment issue to UAT. 

After synchronizing the Dev environment , all three environment (Dev, UAT and Prod) is started synchronize in parallel and its continuously running since yesterday in continuous loop.We have stopped and restarted all the server/services, after restarted again, same this started happening.

Not getting any clue (logs) what is happening in background..

Please help me on this. 


Dileep Verma


please contact to OS support team and raise ticket.



We have faced a similar issue that's because of the disk space got full in our DB server after increasing the storage space it got resolved. Can you check the error logs from the LT-Service Center? It will give a clear idea about why you are facing this issue. If possible you can share it here too.

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