Database management by DBA & Outsystems script output

Database management by DBA & Outsystems script output

Dear All,

Concerning the managing of both the Database content and the metadata (tablestructure) I have two questions.

Changing values in tables
In our current database environment we have database tools to change the database's content in AD-HOC situations.
Does Outsystems have a generic tool to manage the database content using the Entity names that are used in Outsystems?
e.g. execute a :
 UPDATE {client}
 SET [vat_tariff] = 19
 WHERE {client}.[vat_tariff] = 17.5

Deploying new versions of a script
Our current database deployment setup involves a DBA that will manually execute a database change.
This is something that is still preferred.
Is there a way to make Outsystems handle the creation of a "database create / change script" and output this script?

The alternative would be to use a tool like Powerdesigner.
Changing values in a table:
Advanced Query

Deploying new version of a script:

1. Upload the eSpace in Service Center

2. Select Publish step by step in debug mode

3 - Click the Download Database Upgrade Script
Hi Tiago,

Thanks for you reply.
This is indeed the answer to the second question I had.

Anyone has an answer for the 1st?

The Advanced Query action can update the values in a table.
Hi Jeffrey,

Thanks for your reply, but I'm looking for a more 'user friendly' tool.
Think around the lines of tools like
  • Service Studio
  • Sequal Server Management Console
  • iSQL
  • SQL Uniform
  • PHPMyadmin
Ah. I haven't heard of one.  

You could always build your own in the platform using advanced query functionality and share it with the community...
Hi Eric,

Have you seen SQLMap?
Although it does not execute the script it will give you the T-SQL translation.

Tiago Simões