RichWidget Input_Autocomplete with session variables

Hi all,

I'm using Input_Autocomplete on a filter with session variable associated. When i select the value from the autocomplete list everything runs good. I use the action Input_Autocomplete_GetIndentifier to give me the identifier of element selected and use this value on my advanced query.

The problem occurs when (because i'm using session variables i think) i open the same page on a new tab, the filter is filled but the action Input_Autocomplete_GetIndentifier returns 0 value. I've to TAB the filter input to get the identifier.

Can anyone help me? Thanks
Hi João.

This issue seems a lot like the one in the following thread:

The workaround was to also store the identifier in the variable (in your case, a session variable also with the identifier), and then in case the identifier from the widget returns 0, use the identifier from the session variable.

Let us know if this helps.


Paulo Tavares