We want YOUR feedback - Wisdom of the Crowds Public Beta

We want YOUR feedback - Wisdom of the Crowds Public Beta

Hi all,

It is my pleasure to announce the launch of the Wisdom of the Crowds public beta. As such, from now on you shall see a "Wisdom of the Crowds" link in the top menu, that'll take you to the application.

What is the Wisdom of the Crowds?

Due to popular demand, we decided to create a dedicated space where we could hear directly from our users what is it that they need the most, and have them discuss it freely. This is what the Wisdom of the Crowds is - a dedicated place where we hope you can share with us and with the others what features you would like to have in the Agile Platform, and also vote on the ideas that others placed.

The only recommendations for the ideas are for them to be clear and not overly vague, so that we can all be on the same page.

How to start?

You should be able to see the "Wisdom of the Crowds" link in the top menu, next to "TechCenter".

If you don't see it, or if you have problems accessing it, we suggest you logout and login again to the Agile Network, so that the adequate permissions take effect.

Why a public beta?

This is a new thing for OutSystems and for its community, so we decided to open this up in a public beta program. You all will be able to participate in it, and your feedback will be important to help the program evolve as a whole.

We thank you in advance for your collaboration and support - and we're looking forward to see what ideas will come up.

Get started now, and enjoy!

Paulo Tavares and Manuel Dias (Product Management)

So, within less than 3 weeks, 2 weeks of private beta, now open beta.
We already submitted 124 ideas where only 2 are in development and 6 are already implemented, which clealry says we are committed, involved and having tons of ideas making the platform better than it already is.

So what's the plan with the other ideas. How will they calculated to become an actual work-item in the development.
Do the duggs weigh for 100% or only 10% whereas 90% is still chosen by Outsystems itself?
What Estimate Time of Development can we expect?
How does the roadmap look like?
Do we get already new stuff in 5.1?
How many ideas will get incorporated in the next version and the next?

Just some questions to prevent getting the idea it's a bottomless pit :)

Hi Joost.

Thanks for the comments and questions. I'll try to answer them the best I can.

As we mentioned, the Wisdom of the Crowds is a dedicated space for us to hear directly you all about what you need the most, and have you discuss it freely. We also have the Product Management team actively following the ideas you place, and taking into consideration everything you comment on or hint at in order to make the product better.

We have to thank you immensely, because it has been getting a lot of traction, and the feedback we've been getting is useful and positive. Please keep all ideas coming!

In terms of which ideas go into the backlog, they are selected taking into account one or more of the following criteria:
- The diggs, of course;
- The effort it takes - both in terms of analysis, design and implementation time;
- The risk it bears, if it is a big change;
- The alignment with the defined goal of a specific release;
- The feedback and assessment of other stakeholders on those ideas;
- The deadlines we have.

This has to be clear: we want to improve the Platform in order to bring you a better product that suits your needs! Sadly, it is not reasonable to expect that we are going to begin implementing all the ideas that have been posted as soon as they appear, and cancel the plan we had for the release we are working on. It always has to be a compromise in between. Some of the ideas you place will be released in 5.1, others may even come out in 5.0, others may begin being worked on for a release after 5.1 - and you'll probably also get many things that you didn't specifically ask for, but that are part of the direction the product is headed. That's how it will go. But do not worry, the ideas will not fall into a bottomless pit :)

Also, during the Next Step event, those who attended have had a glimpse of the backlog that we have for version 5.1 - we demoed some of the things we have in store for you - and also of the deadline we have to fulfill. Furthermore, if I recall correctly, OutSystems also announced a "Beta program" for whoever wants to help out with version 5.1, by having early access to it, developing in it, and giving feedback on it. :)

So that's the way we have it now. The things that were in line for 5.1 - that were presented at the Next Step - are still under development, but almost in the end since the release is nearing. We are trying to put some of the things you're suggesting in the Wisdom of the Crowds into 5.1, and also looking into them for the longer term as well.

If you want to suggest things for OutSystems to take into consideration for the Agile Platform in the future, the Wisdom of the Crowds is the way to go. We can't promise a release date nor that we will implement it as soon as it is posted, but I can promise that we will read it, weigh it, and take it into consideration for our backlog of future product versions.

If you want to give specific feedback on the features we have in store for 5.1, you can try to get into the 5.1 beta, when it starts.

I hope this is a helpful answer! :)


Paulo Tavares

P.S. - Congrats on the Delivery Manager certification ;)
Hi Joost,

First of all, I really appreciate your feedback and also your interest regarding  what will be implemented in coming versions of the Platform.  Like Paulo stressed, at OutSystems we really valuate the feedback from our Community, and this will definitely influence our Roadmap as well as some other important factors such as market trends, new standards, and ultimately our strategic vision. 

Looking back into our track records to what we released in the last versions, there are always much more things delivered than what you can see under the "Working in Progress" list. For instance if you digg into the What's new in 5.0 document, you will see the amount of amazing things that were release in 5.0. Some of them, such as Business Process Technology came both from our vision and from our customer base requests, others such as the support for the Microsoft 2008 Stack are typically things that we just have to fulfill, and then there is a huge amount of new capability and enachements in several areas (development,  deployment, staging, monitoring, change management, performance management, etc) that were released to meet many requests from the field. 

For 5.1, coming next month, I'm sure you will be amazed with the new things that will be launched. Many of them are not in this "Working in Progress" list because many people already sneek previewed them at NextStep, but I can garantee you that they have been requested many times before we launched the Wisdom of Crowds. At the same time we already working for the next big release, and of course all this feedback will be key for it, not only for 5.1.

So, talking for the Product Management team, this live brainstorm is a strategic initiative for us, and we are doing our best to understand your problems, discuss the solutions, provide feedback of what we are doing, and try to deliver the most important for you as soon as possible. We depend on your participation to get the most! 


Manuel Dias

Thank you both for replying so quickly.
The answers are very helpful and I know for sure the most interesting ideas will be implements in the version yet to come.

Indeed I'm anxious to see what 5.1 has got in store for me. The things I already heard and saw were quite interesting.
Ofcourse it's understandable that not all ideas are implemented in 5.1.
And yes, going from 4.2 to 5.0 was really a big step forward to awesomeness in a already excellent product.

So thank you again for the info you gave me about the questions I have.