OsPage_ValidatorsOrder preload


I created a traditional web page and want to integrate this page in another external wab application (not as a iFrame).

So the external application fetches my HTML-page from outsystems. This works fine, more or less, but I am missing the javascript code for the "OsPage_ValidatorsOrder". 

If I want to sort the column of table on my HTML-page I get a javascript error:

"_osjs.js?11_0_614_0:5 ReferenceError: OsPage_Validators is not defined"

The javascript code is also missing if I make a curl on the HTML-page.

It looks like javascript code is reloaded after the page loads.

What I have to do that I get the complete page with a curl, with all javasrcript included?


Hi Thorsten,

This is a recipe for disaster. I would strongly advise against it. There's no guarantee this will ever work. OutSystems applications are meant to work stand-alone, not inside another web page, and certainly not without an iFrame.

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