Custom CSS Missing in Service Studio

I am having a strange issue where I cannot seem to view the custom css that I have entered in Service Studio when following the Developing Mobile Apps class in exercise 5.4 style sheets.

For example, I have entered the custom css for the header title ellipsis, coloring the button group items (green for low, orange for medium, red for high), and coloring the stars gold.

These features all work when previewing in chrome.  For some reason when I go to view the css (click on the style sheet of ToDo or ToDoDetail) the custom css classes are not showing.  I have tried cloning the module and the custom css is still working - but still does not show on the ToDo theme style sheet where I entered them (and does not show on the screen style sheets either).

I am wondering if this might be a cache issue - or if there might be some trick to get Service Studio to display custom css that works and is present - but it refuses to display. I will say that I have been developing this both on Windows and Mac, and believe that I entered the css when using Service Studio on the Mac. Not sure if that might have caused an issue. Thanks for any tips.

This is a screenshot of my theme style sheet (both ToDo and ToDetail are empty). You can see in the background that the stars are still gold and respect the gold-color class on the container, even though they are no longer appearing on the editable style sheets.

Hi Michael,

Could you share your OML file for everyone to take a look?

Afonso, thank you - I am attaching it. The css should be in the ToDo theme style sheet. I will be curious if you can see it on your machine.


It's the same for me, I can't see any custom CSS on the theme, but it's there:

As soon as I wrote something in the ToDo tab, it destroyed the previous CSS:

This could be an issue with the Mac version of Service Studio. The Known Limitations section mentions font and UI glitches. I'm not too familiar with it, but do you have a "Give Us Feedback" option?

You can use the form there to describe the situation as well as attach the OML. The feedback is actively monitored, so someone from OutSystems will check it out.


Thank you for testing this.  Once I arrived back home, I was able to take a look at the module using my Mac.  Sure enough, the css shows up fine when viewing on the Mac version of Service Studio.  I'm not sure if it might be an issue with line endings or some other formatting issue - but there is certainly an issue when writing the css on a Mac and then trying to view the customized style sheet on Windows.