Training Information for Outsystems guide path

Hi there, I am interested in learning Outsystem technology.Would like to have information about the guided path for Mobile developer.Will it be sufficient to complete the course and get the job as OutSystems mobile developer or do I need to have the practical experience as a mobile developer by learning all the dev programming languages like swift programming for iOS or Android before joining the guide path course for OutSystem mobile developer.



You won't need any specific background like the Swift language. It helps to have web basics down like HTML and CSS, but nothing too deep is required. The course is very self-contained so it should have everything you need to get started and experiment.

Thanks for the reply. How is the USA job market on using OutSystems technologies.

Helo Srikanth.

You can check the market in real-time but looking in the usual places (LinkedIn and such) or right here in the community Jobs section.

Last week a Chicago, Illinois opening showed up and in May two remote and one for Portland, Oregon.

There are plenty of opportunities.