Popup Editor crash in IE7

Popup Editor crash in IE7


I'm experiencing a crash in IE7 while using the Popup Editor widget.
Sometimes, when I close the popup, the browser also closes without any error message.
Does anyone have the same problem?

Thanks in advance
Paulo Portela
Hi Paulo,

in the action you are calling to close the popup are you calling both actions Popup_Editor_Close and Popup_Editor_Notify?

i think i've read something about it in some topic.

I have the same problem but in IE8 !
I use the Popup_Editor_Close and Popup_Editor_Notify.
In both cases, are there any message in event viewer?

The action defined at "on change" event as any logic or is just empty?
I had them before, due to old javascript-libraries of the richwidgets.

you have downloaded the latest richwidgets?

Hi have the latest version of RichWidgets.
I will do the tests today and report some feedback here for everyone.

Thanks to all
Paulo Portela
I had the same problem with IE7 about 90% of the time; it worked the rest. FireFox is working just fine. Then I noticed the the close button had a method of 'Submit'; changed it to 'Ajax' and all has been fine since then. This is the 4.2 version with Java server.