In my project  use notify like this.


1.Update TableA in webblockA.

2.  Notify   webblockB from webblockA 

3.When WebblockB got  message by GetNotifyMessage,  

  then we update TableB and send a mail to user in webblockB.


Is it  (1-3 )  transaction guaranteed by outsystems ?

When 3 (update tableB) is failed,   will 1 (update tableB) be rollbacked by outsystems?

 1 (update tableA) is successed  but 3 (update tableB) is failed (Is it possible ?)



you can find your answer in this document:

Handling Transactions


Hi Fly,

In addition to Miguel suggestion, you can also add custom exception on each level 1,2 and 3, and then test your code by raising the exception at each level and observe the behavior.


Hi Miguel, Hi Manish

I have read the doucment and then created a sample  to observe the behavior.

Now I see when we use notify event, 

the transaction is guaranteed by outsystems.

So 1 (update tableA)~2(notify)~3(update tableA) is one request , they are in one transaction.


Good to know Hon. Happy Coding.

It's always good to know that I was able to help you. =)